L bar thermal shrink wrap packer machine

The key features of the SW-L series shrink wrap packer machine:

Power output: 1.35kw  Voltage : 220V/380V

Max shrink wrapping height: 120mm  Max shrink packaging size: 300*400mm

The width of the shrink wrapping film: 330mm  Belt width of the conveyor: 500mm

Heat sealing blade width: 500*400mm  Height of the conveyor:780+50mm

Conveying speed: 0-15m/min   shrink packaging film: POF PE PVC

Shrink tunnel size: 1500*450*250mm  Shrink tunnel temperature: 120-180 degree

Sealing type: L bar heat sealing, fully closed sealing

Heater type: stainless steel heating rods

Conveyor type of the shrink tunnel: rod conveyor /mess conveyor

Causes and troubleshooting of heat shrink wrap packer machine:

  1. The shrink film is not ideally cut and the sealing surface is cracked: this may caused because of the sealing temperature is too low or the sealing time is not enough or either there are foreign matters stick on the heat sealing blade. Ought to adjust the heat sealing temperature and sealing time, clean the heat sealing blade.
  2. The sealing of the packaging machine is not flat, the heat shrinkable film packaging machine is not tight or not sealing: To check whether the steel box is deformed, just adjust the box; this will happen if the heating time and heating temperature are not adjusted properly, we only need to adjust it to the right level; if there is an attachment on the heating cloth, we can use our nails to gently Just scrape it off; the pressure solenoid valve does not work, the air bag is damaged, and the pressure air pipe is damaged.

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