What is a good packaging machine for insulation board and panel bundles?

Heat shrink packaging is a popular packaging method currently used in the daily chemical industry. It uses shrink film to wrap the outside of the product, and then heat it to shrink the packaging material to wrap the product tightly, fully demonstrating the display ability of the item, and increasing the beauty and sense of value. ; At the same time, the packaged items can be sealed, moisture-proof and pollution-proof. In addition, the possibility of product being dismantled and stolen can be reduced.

There are simple and automatic machines that can complete the heat shrink packaging machine. The simple equipment consists of a sealing and cutting machine and a small heat shrink packaging machine. This set of equipment has a small area and does not require many people. It is suitable for stores and small For use in factories, laboratories, etc., this equipment is suitable for those with smaller output. It is necessary to customize a suitable shrink bag according to the size of the packaged product in advance. Workers put the product into the shrink bag and then use a sealing and cutting machine to seal. The sealing and cutting machine is generally used The pedal-type sealing and cutting machine is more convenient. After the sealing operation is completed, the product is put into the heat shrinkable packaging machine, and the product is packaged after it comes out of the shrinking machine. This set of equipment has low work efficiency, but the price is low. We recommend that users: concentrate manpower to do the sealing work first, and then put the products in the heat shrinking machine together after all the products of this batch are sealed. This method not only improves work efficiency, but also Save energy.

Features of sealing and cutting machine:
1. The specially designed sealing knife is adopted, the sealing line is firm, does not crack, and is not easy to stick to the knife;
2. Adopt German advanced technology, and its main accessories are all famous foreign brands; the whole machine has stable performance and long service life;
3. Adopt photoelectric switch control, safe;
4. Can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different specifications of the product;
5. Automatic film feeding, sealing and cutting up and down;

Performance characteristics of shrinking machine:
1. Use far-infrared tube heating);
2. The shrinking temperature and the motor transmission speed are stable and controllable, with a wide adjustment range and an instrument display;
3. Cold air group air cooler, strong cooling effect is good;
4. All conveyor chain rollers are made of solid rollers, and the outside is covered with silica gel, which can bear heavy objects.

It is widely used in single, collective or combined packaging of insulation boards, cartons, electric control boxes and other products.

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