Sealing and shrink wrapping machine for big cartons and cardboard boxes of E-commerce

Gypsum ceiling thermo packing machine

No matter it’s carton or cardboard boxes package for electricals or other variant products. The e-commerce owners always worry about the rain or water which may cause the package to deform or tear during the transportation and storage. This problem could be serious because the customers definately will complain about […]

MDF panel turnover machinery

Turnover machinery for tilting wood boards and panels

As the industry becomes more developed, the “MDF” is becoming a term which for any dry-process fibre board. Typically, the MDF is made of 82% wood fibre, 9% resin glue of urea-formaldehyde, about 8% is water and 1% is paraffin wax. Generally, the density typically is between 500kg/m3 to 1000kg/m3. […]

Phenolic insulation boards packing solutions of wrapping machines

emanpack provides shrink wrap machine and orbital stretch wrap machine for packing phenolic insulation boards

One of the most effective sort of rigid insulation boards is the phenolic insulation boards. Manufactured by a process the phenolic insulation board has an insulating core which formed by plastic foam between two flexible facing layers. The rigid phenolic insulation made by high solids with phenolic resin, mixed and […]

Perforated steel sheets upender of turnover machinery

Turnover machinery for tilting wood boards and panels

Made by a very complicated series of pouncing and stamping processes, the perforated steel sheet is a very high quality sheet products. Both mild steel -low carbon steel material and plain steel-known as carbon steel can be used for the manufacturing. A variety patterns of perforation, including round, square, slot, […]

The main electricity of different countries in the world

Mains electricity by country  has included a list of countries and territories and regions with the plugs, voltages and frequencies which they commonly use to provide electricity to low voltage appliances and equipment or lighting typically found in homes and offices. (For industrial machinery, see industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets.) Countries […]