Automatic Shrink Packager, Thermo Shrinking Machine

Thermo shrink packing machine

Product Introduction The product can be widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hardware, wood products, stationery, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products of a single, polymerization or combination packaging. Features Electronic continuously variable transmission, stable and reliable, long life, low noise. Far-infrared quartz heating […]

10ton Industrial Tilter Upender for Mould and Coil

Steel coil upender and tilter

FZ series industrial coil tilter upender can be used for dislocation of different horizontal or vertical objects like mould,steel coil etc. Technical Feactures For turning over the coil for 90 degree. It’s widely used in industries of metallurgy, stamping, metal plate, mold, paper making, steel strip, coil, barrels, and etc. […]

Wrap machine to help the disadvantages of MDF

Stretch wrap machine for packing MDF bundle, sandwich panel, XPS boards...

MDF is a porous material which should avoid moisture and vapor because it can be deteriorate if meet with water. So the MDF is not an ideal material for outdoors use. Manufacturers usually will prime and seal the MDF first if they are suspected to come into contact with water […]