automatic aluminum profile bundle packing machine to connect with aluminum profile extrusion line

The System specification of the aluminum profile packing line

Rack weighing platform:

  • These are weighing platforms used to capture the weight of the extrusion rack before it is fed into the packaging line.
  • The platform will have a rectangular structure with standard channels and a machined board for mounting load cells.

HDPE film distributor:

  • There will be a fixed film roll and paper cutter on the dispenser.
  • The required film length will be manually pulled out and cut after pressing the button.

Bundled transmission system:

  • With this system, the bundled software will be transferred to the respected China.
  • The system consists of a mechanism that provides linear motion and lifts the straps together with the pneumatic system.
  • After the bundle preparation is complete, the elevator will lift the bundle and move it to the PRC, then move down to place the bundle on the conveyor, and then return to the original position to lift another bundle.

Electric roller conveyor:

  • The electric roller conveyor 1 receives the strapping from the strapping transmission system (BT1)/weighing station 1 (WS1).
  • If there is no beam and the beam transmission system (BT2) is at home or there is no transmission from PRC2 to the next station, these beams will be further transmitted to the power roller conveyor 2.
  • All rollers are coated with PU coating to avoid any damage to the profile when transferred to the next station.
  • When the conveyor transfers the bales to the main line, this cycle repeats at each stage.

Feeding station 2 (up to 4 meters):

  • It consists of weighing platform (WS2), bale transfer system (BT2) and power roller conveyor (PRC 2).

The integrated Ring Master comes with a tape wrapper:

  • Ring Master is used to wrap film in film during movement and tapping, including stretch film and HDPE.
  • Ring Rpm will be considered high, the speed of the ring drive: about 90 RPM. With variable frequency drive.
  • The ring diameter is suitable for the largest package size. About 1 subway
  • Double packaging and tapping.
  • There are two different rings for packaging and tapping.
  • Equipped with PU coated support roller. The VCI fabric and stretch film distribution mandrel is located on the ring.
  • The packaging materials will be HDPE and LDPE.
  • Heavy-duty steel forged ring.
  • Rigid base frame with vertical tubular structural support.

Column structure, tie members:

  • Automatic film clamping, cutting and sealing mechanism.
  • The top fixed pneumatic cylinder with rollers.
  • The roller is coated with PU. The pressure is adjustable. PLC integration includes all electrification.
  • Including field sensors.
  • The overlap percentage of the ring drive is 30% of the VFD.

Fully automatic aluminum profile packing line

Fully automatic aluminum profile packing line to integrate with the extruder

Tapping machine

  • This machine is used to tie the tape with BOPP/fiber-reinforced tape, which will move when wrapped.
  • Divided into 3 or 4 positions according to requirements.
  • The m/c tapping machine on the packaging machine will wrap the package with tape (3 to 4 positions) with tape.
  • The machine has a steel structure and consists of a steel forged ring mounted on a polyurethane-coated PU roller with an inclined circumference.
  • The ring will rotate freely on the rollers, and a distribution unit is installed on the ring.
  • The ring is driven by a belt loop connected to the brake motor.

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