O shape Online pallet inverter

There is no other way for pallet changing that could be less complicated than by this inline pallet changing machine. Operators can use an electrical pallet jack or manually place the goods to this machine, and then the clamp of this pallet changing machine will press the goods firmly from the top or side walls. Once it’s pressed to suitable pressure, the turn over body will rotate 180 degree which the goods can be reversed. The top side becomes the bottom side while the bottom side turns to be the top side. It’s quite easy to change the pallet when the whole load is reversed.

This inline pallet changing machine is built with conveyors, the highest performance is reached with a conveying flow in one direction. A conveyor line is used to move the palletized loads into the machine. There are lengthwise positioning sensors to make the loads centered.

This inline pallet changing machine is suitable to integrate into a fully automatic flow system for material loading and pallet changing. The maximum capacity for this pallet changing machine is 30-50 changes within one hour. The suitable pallets allowed by this machine is about 1200mm*3000mm*1500mm with maximum loadability for 2 tons. For further specific needs and requirements, we also offer special designs and customization. This includes hygienic models for using in food factories and pharmaceutical industries.