pallet packer

If you have had the chance to buy a pallet stretch wrapper or maybe just had an inquiry of the pallet stretch wrapping machine, you would have learnt that there are pre-stretch wrapping and post-stretch wrapping film carriages which also can be called as wrap heads. You also should known that pre-stretch wrapping film carriage is much like a great upgrade than the post-stretch wrapping film carriage.

The pre-stretch wrap heads can extend the stretch wrap to a longer length, like 1 meter stretch film extend to 3 meters stretch film. The stretched film is able to wrap more pallets and make tighter wrapping because the film will shrink after pre-stretch, making the package become tighter and tighter. The tight wrapping will increase the loadability of pallets. Make palletized goods not easy to scatter.

But if the pre-stretch pallet wrapper is so great, where there is still post stretch pallet wrapper in the market?

This is because the post stretch pallet wrapping machine has it’s own advantages:

  1. Low price

Undoubtedly, this is definitely the biggest advantage of the post-stretch wrapping machine, because without a frequency converter, a motor and a pre-stretching system, the price of the post-stretch wrapping machine will be much lower than that of the pre-stretch wrapping models. The good price makes it become the first choice for small business owners or users who have low throughput when purchasing wrapping equipment.

  1. Simple parameter setting

The pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine needs to adjust the film output speed to match the turntable speed in order to perform perfect packaging. However, the post-stretch pallet wrapper is completely unnecessary, and only needs to adjust the rotation speed of the machine’s turntable separately.

  1. Simple installation and low failure rate

Users who are familiar with mechanical equipment ought to know that the simpler the mechanical structure, the lower the failure rate it is. The post stretch pallet wrapping machine has less problem than the pre-stretch pallet wrapper.