BOP valve body is the very important components used in pipe transportation system. This products is commmonly used for infrastructure and industries such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical……It’s the joint of the pipe system which for connecting pipes and valves.

For the production of this part, the process requires to turnover the body for certain treatment such as annealing, surface treatment, forging…..But it’s usually a massive part and extremely heavy which may up to 30 tons. Workers usually may have the methods of using hoist and chain to tilt the BOP valve boody. But this method is too slow and complex, very inconvenient to proceed. It’s also a very risky work as lots of human interference required and there is no protection.

But if by this mechanical BOP valve body tipper, the flipping process is very to continue. Becasue this machine has two platforms for the flat surface of the BOP bodies. The upender is driven by electrical motor and available to lock at any positions when power is off. For more convenient use of this BOP body upender, we could put it into a pit and made the platform at the same level of the floor.