The reason for choosing the rotary arm wrapping machine

With the increasing requirements of the packaging equipment in the wrapping industry, the upgrading of wrapping packaging machines is becoming more essential. The typical one is the pallet wrapping machine. Although the sales volume and customer popularity of the pallet wrapping machine is very large and high but there are still many users not satisfied with the pallet wrapping machine and concerned about the machine could not achieve the packaging effect which they want. Therefore, the new type pallet wrapping machine is born for the special needs and requirement. And the advantage of choosing this rotary arm wrapping machine is detailed as below:

First, the faster packaging speed. The wrapping speed of the rotary arm wrapping machine can be divided into three level: 15rpm, 25rpm, and 35rpm/min, much higher than other types of pallet wrapping machine. It often used in high-capacity industries such as chemical, food, beverage, fabric, and building material.

Second, stronger safety performance.

1. The arm is equipped with anti-collision belts and emergency power-off eyes. In order to ensure safety, we can have a fence around the entire equipment, and set up a net door at the entrance and exit to provide the electric eye. Signal. Thereby ensuring the safe operation of the whole machine.

2. The rotary arm wrapping machine has a wide range of applications. It can pack all kinds of pallets, such as 2M*2M pallets. There is the limitation of ordinary turntable pallet wrapper, unable to handle the pallet wrapping for large sized pallets or skids. But the rotary arm wrapping machine can solve this problem well.

3. Stronger capacity. The rotary arm wrapping machine does not need to consider the weight of pallets, while ordinary pallet wrapping machine using turntables are supported by 6-9 nylon rollers, unable to bear loads that are more than 2 tons. The rotary arm pallet wrapping machine can adopt different conveyors with the specific customization can be used with any weights.

4. Higher stability and durability. The equipment is welded with a rigid structure and steel plates with a thickness of 10mm. The whole machine is mainly divided into four modules: the frame, the arm, the upper film breaking and carriage mechanism and the continuous control system. The structure is relatively simple. Because of its simplicity, its stability and Durability is much better than ordinary pallet wrapping machines.

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