The orbital wrapping machine also named as spiral wrapping machine is the packaging equipment that suitable for building materials, profiles, pipes and other industries. With automatic conveying equipment such as roller table and chain conveyor, the orbital wrapper can realize high-speed automatic unmanned film winding packaging of products, which can keep the goods in stable condition, convenient for transportation and storage, and reduce damage and pollution during transportation. Damage to goods caused by factors such as, rain, etc., save packaging time and reduce packaging costs.

The orbital wrapper take stretch film, non-woven fabric, composite paper, etc. as the main packaging materials to wrap long panel, boards, rods, tubes, plates, wires, etc. Using PLC programmable control. Use the man-machine dialogue touch screen. The overlap degree of winding can be adjusted according to packaging requirements. Photoelectricity measurement, automatic continuous work. The film holder automatically resets. Stable and convenient.

Working principle of the horizontal orbital wrapping machine: The packaging material rotates around the goods like profiles and bundles moving at a constant speed through the revolving arm system with the tension of the packaging material is adjusted by the stretching mechanism of the film spool to pack the products with a tight whole and forms a spiral regular packaging on the product surface.

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